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Water, Water, Water:
Have you ever seen a wilting house plant, kept half alive, never getting all the water it really needs to look its best? Your body is just like that plant, half wilted, so to speak if you don't drink enough pure water. Next to oxygen, water is the most important nutrient for life. Over two thirds of your body is made up of water, and your brain, your most vital organ, is approximately 85 percent water. Despite how vital this substance is to our health and survival, most of us do not drink enough water to enjoy the best of health. Coffee, tea, sodas and other liquids do not have the same properties as plain, pure water. In fact most of us drink more fluids each day that act as diuretics, than we drink of pure water each day. Diuretics cause our bodies to eliminate more water than they provide. Learn more about the affects of dehydration to our bodies and the resulting maladies. 
This is a MUST DO course!
Course Description
Natural Breathing: Of all the life sustaining properties we require, air is the one that we can do without for the least amount of time. Just a few short minutes and the cells of the brain are dead! 
Learn how you can become conscious of your unhealthy breathing patterns and integrate deep, natural, healthy breathing into your life. 
This course will better your life... forever!
Evaluations: Our link to who we are and how we think shape our destiny. We are constantly evaluating everything that comes into our conscious mind. In doing so, we create patterns that can be self destructive. Learn to recognize these patterns of evaluation and change their influence on your health... for the better!
The Microcosmic Orbit:
This ancient foundation for healing is the first level for anyone wanting to cultivate and refine their life-force energy (Qi). By channeling Universal, Cosmic and Earth energies, the student will learn to circulate Qi through the primary acupuncture channels of the body. 

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Course Description
The Inner Smile and The Six Healing Sounds:


6 Healing Sounds

The most universal of all positive energies recognizable by the human mind is a genuine smile. Regardless of where one travels on the globe, a smile is welcomed by every culture. What is it that we recognize in a smile? Is it the expression on one's face, or is it the actual energy transferred from one person to another? 
We believe that there is an attracting, healing quality that radiates form the process of smiling. 
By learning to create, duplicate and cultivate this same healing energy, we can direct and focus this healing energy to the organs, glands and systems within the body, and rid them of the harmful effects of stored negative emotions. Each area of the body has a propensity for attracting and holding emotions that are either harmful or helpful to the overall health of the body, mind and spirit. 
This technique utilizes the five phases of Traditional Chinese Medicine in a powerful, yet simple way that can be learned by anyone.
A basic relaxation and self-healing technique utilizes simple arm movements and special sounds to transform negative emotion/energy into positive vitality. This practice uses color, sound and postures which result in improved digestion, reduced internal stress, reduced insomnia and headaches and greater vitality as the Qi flow increases through the different organs. 
Course Description
Tree Standing Qigong
(Pronounced "Chee-Gong") 
This particular form of qigong, Zhan Zhuang, is about four thousand years old, and is used for everything from building strength for martial arts to self-healing, lowering blood pressure, increasing respiration and alertness, reducing stress and pain, and improving health and energy overall. Zhan Zhuang means "standing like a tree," aptly called, because all the Zhan Zhuang postures are performed standing, in utter motionlessness. Nothing moves on the outside. All the motion is internal. In this Practice, through the use of the mind, we learn to rely less on the active muscles and more on the passive muscles. 
The result is a high level of internal motion within the body that drives your Qi to move through its energy channels as the blood surges through your veins and arteries. Eventually you expand beyond your normal limits of endurance to a highly energized state of alert tranquility.
Primordial Qigong: The slow, fluid movements of this 800 year old moving meditation routine will transform you into another dimension of relaxation and serenity as the five elements of heaven and earth penetrate to the very cells of your body to rejuvenate and cleanse; leaving you feeling younger, calmer, stronger and less affected by the influences of the stressful world around you.
Silk Reeling: 
Chan si gong
A group of spiraling movements combined with the internal flow of Qi (pronounced chee), practiced for increased flexibility, balance, strength and health. They help the mind internally to lead the Qi and externally to strengthen the body, revitalizing the eighteen major parts of the body, gradually balancing the internal and the external.
Opening the Joints
to increase flexibility, balance, strength and health.
The isolation of specific muscle groups coupled with spiraling movements make this program so enjoyable you will want to do it every day. These simple movements, directed by the mind and coordinated with the breath, are perfect as warm-ups to taichi or as a wonderful way to start your day. This routine can be performed by the youth or seniors.
Course Description
Taichi Fundamentals: 

This six hour, three parts workshop is without a doubt the best introduction to the art of taichi available in the area. Perfect for anyone who is considering taichi and for those who feel that their current practice could use a little extra something to balance out the physical movements of their form.
bulletShift/spin (side to side)
bulletShift/spin (front to back)
bulletWash the Horse's back (single)
bulletWash the Horse's back (double)
bulletCircle Hands (single)
bulletCircle Hands (double)

Performing these movements on a daily basis will provide most the of health benefits of practicing the taichi form!

Yang Simplified Taichi Form:
Tai Chi is practiced by millions of people who consider it to be an integral part of their everyday lives, giving robust good health, a calm stress-free mind and a flexible body. Tai Chi is not designed to promote muscle size or enhance physical endurance. It is used to stimulate the internal organs gently, exercise the body, calm the nervous system and mobilize the joints.
Esoma Kungfu:

"It is the philosophy of any system that holds the tactics, techniques and applications together. Without a full understanding of the subtle concepts, a martial art becomes a group of pre-defined movements, void of any true continuity. Esoma has a well defined philosophy that binds the resulting tactics to create a remarkably well formed art." 
- Joe Martin, Founder 
Defense For Women This is not the typical course where women are taught martial arts. Learning a martial art takes time and dedication before it becomes effective on the street. This course teaches how to use the mind to think, move, act, react and observer not to become a victim. If attack is inevitable, you will learn what natural weapons you have, how to effectively use them to the attacker's vital areas! 
By the end of the course, you will be confident enough of your skills to break a board with your bare hands!
bulletHome and Travel Security
bulletWeight Shifting Essentials
bulletStatistical Data
bulletProper Response Training
bulletEffective Weapons of the Body
bulletVulnerable Targets that Work!
Course Description
Essential Grounding:
Correct structural alignment with, and proper grounding to the earth, provide the basis for Taichi and Qigong practice. Through essential standing postures, breath exercises, and work on opening of the primary Yin centers (Perineum and Kidney 1 Points), a deep sense of rooting and connection with the earth is developed. Simple standing in prescribed postures develops correct structural alignment, and a lower center of gravity, greatly aiding Qi flow. A MUST for ALL students of Taichi!
Essential Stretching for Flexibility and Pain Management
(pdf file)

Expect to learn:


Specific stretches for major muscle groups


How to strengthen and stretch in the same routine


How posture can improve in less than 15 minutes


When is stretching not healthy


Guided instruction on 8 essential yoga postures

Reiki  Reiki is an ancient qi (chi) healing art which allows the healer to act as a vehicle for the Universal Life Force. 

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