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Virtually everything we do is possible because we are connected to the surface of the earth. Without our connection to the earth, there would be no way to even turn around and look behind us. Imagine being suspended in mid-air like an astronaut; without touching an object of much greater mass, you would be helplessly imprisoned in a sea of air.

Most of us move through the day without any idea that our muscles have contracted in such a way as to shift our center of gravity toward our head. This makes us somewhat top-heavy and vulnerable to falls and other trauma caused by improper tension as we compensate for a higher center of gravity.

Gravity and magnetism are the two consistent forces in the universe and should be viewed as our allies as we move through our lives. Gravity is not our enemy as long as we understand its value to us and our responsibility for using our mind and body in maintaining vibrant health.

At the conclusion of the course, as a participant you will:


Be able to demonstrate how to move your center of gravity by using your intent.


Learn ways to protect against the potentially harmful affects of negative energy.


Learn how to use grounding as a means to discharge negative energy from within the body.


Demonstrate the importance of maintaining alignment with gravity sitting, standing and moving.


Know the three junctions of the body that rob us of energy when miss-aligned with gravity.


Demonstrate the remarkable strength and power that comes from using gravity as an ally.


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