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Water, Water, Water: Nature's Medicine  

Did you know that pure water can be used in place of many of the of the over the counter and prescription drugs? 

Have you ever seen a wilting house plant, kept half alive, never getting all the water it really needs to look its best? Your body is just like that plant, wilted, if you don't drink enough pure water. Next to oxygen, water is the most important nutrient for life. Over two thirds of your body is made up of water, and your brain, your most vital organ, is approximately 85 percent water. Despite how vital this substance is to our health and survival, most of us do not drink enough water to enjoy the best of health. Coffee, tea, sodas and other liquids do not have the same properties as plain, pure water. In fact most of us drink more fluids each day that act as diuretics, than we drink of pure water each day. Diuretics cause our bodies to eliminate more water than they provide. 
None of us would consider driving our automobiles with less than adequate cooling in the radiator, yet with the proper amounts of water in our bodies, our cells are continually burning up due to over heating. 
  Learn more about the affects of dehydration to our bodies and the resulting maladies. 

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bulletMaintaining Proper Hydration 
Although deficiencies of other nutrients can be sustained for months or even years, a person can survive only a few days without water. Indeed, experts rank water second only to oxygen as essential for life. 

In addition to offering true refreshment for the thirsty, water plays a vital role in all bodily processes. It supplies the universal medium in which various chemical changes of the body occur, aiding in digestion, absorption, circulation and lubrication of body joints. 

For example, as a major component of blood, water helps deliver nutrients to body cells and removes waste to the kidneys for excretion. Enzymes, essential to digestion, are also primarily water, working to break down food so that nutrients can be absorbed in the intestine. 

Water comprises about 50 to 70 percent of body weight in humans. Males on average have a higher percentage of body water than females, because they tend to have less body fat. The more body fat in individuals, the less water therein. A decrease of as little as 10 percent of adult body water due to excessive vomiting or diarrhea is considered serious, and in a young child, could be fatal. 

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