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Self Defense That Works for Women  

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Self Defense That Works for Women

Ancient Methods, Modern Results

Why this 6 hour course is effective and worthwhile for all women!

  1. Itís easy to learn.
  2. Itís simple enough to teach students in days or weeks instead of years!
  3. Itís effective regardless of the body type of the attacker.
  4. It addresses real street situations and sexual assault instead of the typical studio environment.
  5. It contains a minimum amount of effective techniques.
  6. Itís designed to defeat a much larger and stronger attacker!
  7. Itís direct, powerful, simple and straight forward enough to be taught without learning karate or other martial arts.


This comprehensive women's self-defense course is contains:

bulletHow to hit with board-breaking power that will stop virtually anyone.
bulletOnly one block that works in virtually any attack.
bulletWhat weapons (hand, foot, knee, elbow, etc.) do you have and where can it best be used.
bulletBeing safe in your home.
bulletHow to effectively deal with the most common attacks against women!
bulletThe art of using good verbal and spatial skills to prevent many assaults from becoming physical in the first place.
bulletQuick and effective defenses and escapes from non life threatening "annoyance" attacks.
bulletProtecting yourself from the most common of all mugging attacks.
bulletDefenses from chokes and strangles.
bulletDevastating and finishing counter attacks!
bulletStrategic targeting secrets. Learning to strike the proper targets in just the right way.
bulletDefending against attacks from the front and rear.
bulletOur simplified system of "applied consistency".
bulletEffective defenses against attempted rape.
bulletPlus much more



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