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Master Yun Yin Sen




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Secrets of the “One Inch Punch"


Liu He Ba Fa Style

(mind intent, six harmonies, 8 methods)

Master Yun Yin Sen (from Shanghai) is well known for his amazing ability to bring earth energy through his feet and legs for stability and power. His work with the wooden ball has become one of his best methods of training.



YunYinSen – Liu He Ba Fa Form, Part 2 youtube.com
Yun Yin Sen – Liu He Ba Fa – Standing Form youtube.com
YunYinSen – LiuHeBaFa Qigong Practice youtube.com


He gave us this demonstration with the Lui He Ba Fa Wooden Ball. What he does with his feet looks simple, but it takes much practice to get the movement in the feet to create the pattern of movement at the ball.

Master Martin learned from Master Yun in San Qing Shan, Jiangxi Province, China. 

Master Yun Yin Sen




The Science Behind Grounding



"Total Body Unity is Crucial"



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