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Master Zhao Ya Jun




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Tong Bei - White Ape

Master Zhao Ya Jun (from Beijing) is specialised in 5 Element Tong Bei Quan, and Chen Style Taiji Quan.

Master Zhao has practiced Tong Bei and other martial arts from a very young age with master Lu Yong Che including 5 element Tong Bei and Yang and Chen style Taiji Quan.

His teacher is in direct lineage of grandmaster Zhang Chu. He learned Tong Bei usage, fighting, and weapons from Liu Bao Xue.

He is Hubei Province Rang Fong City Wu Shu Association Vice President and Tong Bei Quan Association Vice President.

If Tong Bei is practiced correctly, there should be no stiffness, no tension or tightness in the movements with the Qi and blood circulating. Awareness or intent is first, Qi follows the awareness.

The body is always free and liquid, the whole body feels like one unit with one awareness rather than disjointed parts. That is also the reason why Tong Bei Quan is great for improving your health if it is done correctly.

Master Martin learned from Master Zhao in San Qing Shan, Jiangxi Province, China. 

Zhao Ya Jun, Grandmaster Joe Martin and
Master Jin Zhen Liang



The Science Behind Grounding



"Total Body Unity is Crucial"

Tong bei Training Exercises with Master Zhao Ya Jun, foundation training in early morning practice before breakfast at China Camp 2007. Tong bi is said to be pre-Chen style taijiquan. Master Zhao emphasizes moves to loosen the upper body and quicken the lower body in his multitude of exercises.  Master Zhao taught a variety of movements, progressing from loosening wrist joints, elbows, shoulders, hips, etc. to complex full-body applications. He taught applications of basic moves and gave numerous pointers and detailed instructions on how to perform them more perfectly. Great warm-ups for loosening and structurally connecting. 

Master Zhao also helped Martin to understand better the secrets of the 9 palaces and the sacred turtle and their relationships to martial art training.

Sacred Turtle Diagram


Master Zhao working in Italy

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