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Secrets of the “One Inch Punch"


Chung Style Taiji

 The Chung Style of Taiji (tai chi) is considered by some as a very old method of the original Yang style Taiji with spirals and silk reeling usually associated with Chen style.

When Martin started learning from Master Lui, he was told by those that knew master Lui that he was not so good at explaining his secret principles, but was well know for his ability to "show" you.

"The best thing master Lui can do instill the secret principles is to beat your ass!"

Lui Bao Yu started training when he was 7 years old 
He  has 40+ years of training in Chung Style Taiji (old Yang style Taiji), and Chinese Wrestling. He is the 4-year undefeated China push hand Champion.

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Lui Bao Yu



The Science Behind Grounding



"Total Body Unity is Crucial"



Lui Bao Yu with students in China



Our Mission:

To instill in others the confidence of a true master by sharing lost martial art skills 
and principles not handed down through their lineage, both in the USA and abroad.

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