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Secrets of the “One Inch Punch"


PowerPlus Martial Art Clinics

  • Principles of explosive power not shown outside the family circles of martial art Soke.  

  • Can you move anyone more than twice your size with little effort, even when they totally resist your push?  

  • Can you feel the amazing power of chi (ki) in your own hands at will?

  • Were you taught the secrets of "Immovable Stance"?  

  • Do you use the Rejuvenation power behind the five phases (five elements) and their effective use in martial arts?

  • Can you weaken your opponent through the use of the mind only?

  •  Can your students pass the test of Structural Principles in Stances that drastically increase power instantly?

  • Can you use the science of Total Body Unity to become undefeatable?  

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"Our 10 power enhancements will allow you to effectively use techniques of your martial art style to their full potential."

About PowerPlus Martial Art Clinics

  • We reveal principles, not techniques.

  • These principles apply to any martial art.

  • Results are proven and demonstrable.

  • Clinics are held in the USA and in Europe.

  • 1/2 day, full day and weekends are available.





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The Science Behind Grounding



"Total Body Unity is Crucial"

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Ever since the Korean War, secret martial art principles have been kept from Occidentals. Considered “National Treasures” of China, Japan, Korea and Okinawa, masters of olden times dared not pass these secret principles to students of the west. Only the successor of the school or style was privileged to know the unseen power that supercharged the techniques of the style. If you were not taught about these SUPER PRINCIPLES, it’s not your teachers fault. Most of these secrets were totally unknown until the mid 1980s when one master opened up to the west; a few others slowly began to follow.

Regardless of experience, everyone will benefit from this clinic. Some of the secret principles will be easier for the novice than for the seasoned instructor.

All secrets  apply to hard and soft styles equally. Most of the secret principles cannot be learned by mimicking the master; they are too esoteric to be noticed. Therefore the ancient masters could use them at will and never have them be detected or stolen. The old stories of the master’s “secret book” were true. Now you can have a peek inside!


These secrets of maximum explosive power were only taught to the successor of the style, not to the students at large. Since these secret principles were not visible, the teacher's super human abilities kept the students striving to reach his level. This kept the instructor on a pedestal and the students continuing to pay.

Everyone who has studied any style of martial arts has an awareness of chi/ki, but how many know how to utilize this universal energy. Can you feel it vibrating through your body? Can you feel the solidity of its unseen mass? You will; and in just minutes.

Ever seen these small masters being pushed from different directions and not able to be moved? It is secret grounding principles that are at the core here and it's not that difficult to learn. Even children can do it once they know the rules. 

Our 10 power enhancements will allow you to effectively use techniques of your martial art style to its full potential.

Almost all martial art instructors I have seen are using only a small percentage of their full power potential. It's not their fault. These secrets were kept from most occidentals. Consequently, the true explosive nature of martial art power has been watered down to the point that power from the use of techniques taught in class are never used in a fight nor in tournament competition. 
If you've ever been to a tournament, you have seen that the classical techniques of the style (blocks, strikes and stances) have been discarded. You find that practitioners who have spent years learning martial art skills revert to boxing and street fighter techniques when sparing. Why? Because they lack the secret knowledge required to generate the speed and power that must accompany martial art techniques for them to be effective in sparing or combat.

Are you aware that you can use the mass of objects around you to increase power? The ancient masters knew how to utilize the forces of nature as their ally through their belief in five element theory. Now you can too.

"Once mastered, the structural power principles you learn will always be present; they cannot be unlearned."


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Some science behind Speed and Power

All muscles of the body are comprised of both fast twitch fibers and slow twitch fibers. The muscles used for most movement are comprised of at least 50% fast and 50% slow twitch fibers. The muscles that are primarily used for quick action have more fast twitch than slow twitch fibers. Fast twitch fibers contract at about 1/20 of a second and are designed to reset their length quickly but become fatigued faster and therefore endurance is minimal. The deep stabilizing muscles, also known as the core muscles, contract at about 1/10 of a second and are designed for endurance. Aside from maintaining proper alignment with the force of gravity, our goal is to develop a strong core by letting go of the fast twitch muscle fibers through relaxation and to allow the slow twitch fibers dominate control of standing. This is something we almost never do in our fast-paced lifestyle. It takes tremendous control to let go of what has become our standard use of muscle tension. As an example, the two muscles of the calves, the gastrocnemius and the soleus are comprised of 50% and 67% slow twitch fibers respectively. The gastrocnemius attaches through the Achilles tendon and crosses the knee. It is used for running and quick movement. The soleus attaches through the Achilles tendon, but does not cross the knee and is used as a postural stabilizing muscle. By bending the knees when standing, we disengage the gastrocnemius and allow the soleus to do most of the work of holding our posture while simultaneously creating a more open and relaxed joint at the knees.


For example when we ride a bicycle, we keep our balance by the use of postural muscles. Our intent is to not fall down but we do not consciously control their operation in the way we can control voluntary movement. Conscious control would be too slow - before we could react, we would fall down. This is in fact what happens when we start learning to ride a bicycle - we start by using phasic muscles and through trial and error the postural muscles take over and we 'find our balance'. The same applies to keeping your balance when standing on one foot. It is our intent that keeps the postural muscles firing as a unit throughout the body to keep us from falling. This same science was known and used by the Ancient Master.

Another Secret: Once the body learns what your intent is, it will always react consistent with past experiences. We cannot "unlearn" how to ride a bike! Once mastered, the structural power principles you learn will always be present; they cannot be unlearned. Rather than using phasic muscles for certain types of power, you will be using tonic muscles. As you will learn, phasic muscles fatigue quickly!

Our Mission:

To instill in others the confidence of a true master by sharing lost martial art skills 
and principles not handed down through their lineage, both in the USA and abroad.

Grandmaster Joe Martin


Grandmaster Joe Martin began teaching in 1965 as assistant instructor with Sensei Bob Alexander and has had special training from many great masters from around the world. His knowledge of internal power and its application in martial arts will transform your art to a level far above your expectations in just a few hours.

Grandmaster Martin will teach this extraordinary workshop to instructors and students. After the workshop has completed, he will offer the instructors additional internal power training that can be passed on to students or remain secrets of the instructors. Grandmaster Martin has had specialized training in Texas, New York, California, Europe, Canada, and China.

Knocked back by "zero inch" punch. 
Grandmaster Martin teaching in Kelkheim, Germany

Many of the extraordinary secrets taught in the workshop were handed down to Grandmaster Martin’s teacher, Mantak Chia by a Taoist monk (Master Yi Eng). It was Master Cheng Yao-Lun who taught him the Shaolin Method of Internal Power that was regarded as a national treasure of China.




A special instructor’s session will be available following the Ancient Secrets of Martial Art Power.

Grandmaster Martin holding back a stage full of people in Sacramento, California.

According to T'ai Chi Magazine, volume 29, no. 1, the Yang Kui-Shan lineage of Wudang Dan Pai claims direct descent of Zhang SanFeng. Its 9th generation lineage holder was Sung Wei-I, who was the first non-Taoist to hold the lineage. Sung passed the lineage to Li Jinglin (for the 10th). Li passed the lineage to Yang Kui-Shang (for the 11th), who passed it on to Qian Timing (for the 12th). 
Grandmaster Martin was a private student of Todd Qian, son of Grandmaster Qian Timing.
Todd Qian's Father, Qian Timing, National Champion with the Jin (Tai Chi Sword), now lives in Washington State.

Grandmaster Martin worked with these masters in China
Left: Master Jiang Bao Kang - 12 Animal Xing-Yi Quan
Center: Liu He Ba Fa Master Yun Yin Sen from Shanghai
Right: Master Lui Bao Yu started training when he was 7 years old 
and now has 40+ years of training in Chung Style Taiji (old Yang style Taiji),
 and Chinese Wrestling. He is the 4-year undefeated China push hand Champion.

Grandmasters John Stover & Joe Martin

Master George Xu (San Francisco) 
grew up having to fight to stay alive.

Joe Martin with Sifu Alfredo Sui


Masters Volker Jung (Germany), Zhao Ya Jun of Tong Bei Chen 
which came from Wu Dang (China) & Joe Martin

Li Kum San, Lima Peru - Grandmaster of Sifu Alfredo Sui
He travel throughout China studying martial arts from various masters
 before traveling to South America in the 1930s and settling in Lima, Peru


Yang Jwing Ming & Grandmaster Martin
Yang is a proficient writer and great teacher of martial art secrets.

Joe Martin with Grandmaster Mantak Chia
One of the most influential teachers of ancient secrets in the world.
Sifu Martin is proud to be one of Master Chia's Universal Tao Istructors.

Grandmaster Joe Martin with  Tai Chi instructor Todd Qian

Sensei Bob Alexander & Joe Martin

Sifu Alfredo Sui, Lima Peru, USA, & Canada

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