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The Qi Flows

In 1999 Martin began intense study in what was then called the Healing Tao with Senior Instructor Michael Winn. Winn was one of the first students of Grandmaster Mantak Chia when he first came to the US in New York City back in the early '80s. Winn had moved from New York to Asheville, North Carolina where he still resides today. The Healing Tao is now known as the Universal Tao and has its headquarters at Tao Garden in Chiang Mai, located approximately 700kms north of Bangkok.

After a year with Winn, Joe Martin went to New York every summer to study the Inner Structure of Martial arts, Tai Chi Chi Kung and the principles of inner power taught within the Universal Tao System. These summer retreats with Mantak Chia brought many of the senior instructors together.

The Taoist system as currently taught by Grand Master Mantak Chia is based primarily on the Nine Alchemic Formulas of the Taoist hermit Yi Eng know as `One Cloud`, as transmitted to Mantak Chia by Master Yi in the 1970's in the mountains surrounding Hong Kong. 

Most of the secret material taught by Master Yi had never been revealed to the West and much was only known to a select group of master in Asia. Chia was told by Yi Eng to "take this to the West".

Joe Martin with Grandmaster Mantak Chia

Joe Martin and Michael Winn

Mantak Chia, Angela Wu and Michael Winn



The Science Behind Grounding



"Total Body Unity is Crucial"

Mantak Chia was born in Thailand to Chinese parents in 1944. When he was six years old, Buddhist monks taught him how to sit and "still the mind."ťWhile still a grammar school student, he learned traditional Thai boxing. He was then taught Tai Chi Chuan by Master Lu, who soon introduced him to Aikido, Yoga and broader levels of Tai Chi.

Years later, when he was a student in Hong Kong excelling in track and field events, a senior classmate named Cheng Sue-Sue introduced him to his first esoteric teacher and Taoist Master, Master Yi Eng (I Yun). At this point, Master Chia began his studies of the Taoist way of life in earnest. He learned how to circulate energy through the Microcosmic Orbit and, through the practice of Fusion of the Five Elements, how to open the other Six Special Channels. As he studied Inner Alchemy further, he learned the Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, Sealing of the Five Senses, Congress of Heaven and Earth and Reunion of Heaven and Man. It was Master Yi Eng who authorized Master Chia to teach and heal.

When Mantak Chia was in his early twenties he studied with Master Meugi in Singapore, who taught him Kundalini, Taoist Yoga and the Buddha Palm. He was soon able to clear blockages to the flow of energy within his own body. He learned to pass the life force energy through his hands also, so that he could heal Master Meugi's patients. He then learned Chi Nei Tsang from Dr. Mui Yimwattana in Thailand.

A while later, he studied with Master Cheng Yao-Lun who taught him the Shao-Lin Method of Internal Power. He learned the closely guarded secret of the organs, glands and bone marrow exercise known as Bone Marrow Nei Kung and the exercise known as Strengthening and Renewal of the Tendons. Master Cheng Yao-Lun’s system combined Thai boxing and Kung Fu. Master Chia also studied at this time with Master Pan Yu, whose system combined Taoist, Buddhist and Zen teachings. Master Pan Yu also taught him about the exchange of Yin and Yang power between men and women, and how to develop the Steel Body.

In June 1990, at a dinner in San Francisco, Master Chia was honored by the International Congress of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong (Chi Kung), who named him the Chi Kung Master of the Year. He is the first recipient of this annual award.

In 1994, Master Chia moved back to Thailand, where he had begun construction of Tao Garden, the Universal Tao Training Center in Chiang Mai.

In December 2000, the Tao Garden Health Resort and Universal Tao Training Center was completed with two Meditation Halls, two open air Simple Chi Kung Pavilions, indoor Tai Chi, Tao Tao Yin and Chi Nei Tsang Hall, Tai Chi Natural Swimming Pool, Pakua Center, Internal World Class Weight Lifting Hall and complete Eight Court Recreational Facilities.

Many of the PowerPlus Martial Art Secrets came from Mantak Chia's Universal Tao System.

Instructor's Retreat at Big Indian, New York


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