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Master George Xu - Chen Style Taiji, Lan Shou Shaolin Kungfu and 10 Animals Xing I.

Master Xu teaches about use of 5 elements in Chinese Chen style Taiji, how one can change his energy from water to metal or from metal to something else. This is really fascinating, a bit hard to do since it has to be done without too much thinking about elements changing from one to the other. This is more Like Alchemy of Chen Style Martial arts; it is all about transforming your energy and your opponents energy. 

Grandmaster Martin learned much about internal power through the use of intent and "total body unity" from Master Xu and his idea of a martial artist being like a predator. 

Master George Xu

Martin learned from Master Xu in 
California, North Carolina and China.



The Science Behind Grounding



"Total Body Unity is Crucial"

Master Xu Guo Ming left Shanghai in the late 1980's to pursue higher education in Mathematics in the United States. With the help of his honorable grandparents, who already lived in California, Master Xu, his wife, and his young son left behind a familiar way of life to journey to a strange western land. But it has not been so strange. "I consider myself a modern Chinese. The old ways are dead, they should be, it's a new society all over the world today."

In 1984 Master Xu won the 1st place gold medal in the All China Taijiquan Competition in Shanghai for his performance of the first set of the Chen Style. He had been studying the form since 1977 with Shong Guang Rn a Student of Chen Zhaokui son of Chen Fake. Xu Guo Ming had no difficulty in finding teachers in Shanghai.

Here are a few of Master Xu's secret principles:

1. Maximum unit force: including zong ding jin, six great muscles groups, shoulder inside the dantian, six directions dantian force plus yin yang dantian force, plus leg earth power and earth direction power (yin yang power).

2. Maximum gravity, body weight not in yourself but on the other. While you move, your physical movement is unconscious. Spiritual and Energy are maximum acting, but physical has to be opposite as Yang and Yin.

3. Maximum scientific force: counterweight, centripetal and centrifugal force, three dimension zhan su jin, action force, reaction force, potential force, indirect force, natural force, empty force, unconscious force and Shi force.

Then you have to put these qualities in “nobody knows me, I know you” situation plus light and heavy, soft and hard, fake and real at the same time. Use a scientific way, a 3 dimension spiral power plus borrow enemy action (shi) force to create your comfortable, maximum and superior shi to attack his empty and weakest points. Plus your mind spiritual is tiger hunting the human, the Olympic spirit competition to get the maximum.

After you have achieved maximum liquid yin yang unit power, gravity (weight) on your enemy, and Shi (Space Power), you must add on body art which are Open/Close/Empty/Full/Up/Down/Spiral/Turn. Your arms and legs become one with your body. When people touch your arms they are touching your whole body. You must not use your legs to support your body and let your body carry your legs. Then you will feel "leg no leg" and "root no root". Like you are walking on thin ice. "Fist no Fist", "Leg no Leg", physical light like feather, spiritual and internal energy, heavy like a mountain, your body full like a big balloon without edge, empty like steam no shape or effort. Natural like clean crystal, energy has to be pure, alive and changeable. The body must have brain and intelligence, not only he needs to know how to protect himself he needs to know how to attack enemy's center. Only when the body knows how to fight, and control the legs and arms, then any leg and arm activities are created by body art and not with legs, arms self effort.

Body must not focus on the techniques. If focus on techniques then it will limit by techniques. Body must not focus on force (Jin). If focus on Jin then it will expose your structure and power directions. Body must not focus on Qi. If focus on Qi then it will stuck on Qi and lost Shi and freedom of the mind. You must have whole body harmony from physical energy to mind, from inside to outside, from movements to stillness. All of these are base on nobody knows me but I know you.


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