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Soke John Stover




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Soke John M. Stover


  • Albert C Church Jr. - Tetsuken Ryu, Kamishin Ryu, Seishin Ryu Jujitsu, Hapkido 

  • Sensei Roy Jerry Hobbs - Hong Chun Kung Fu 

  • GM Bram Frank - CSSD- Combat Arnis Datu Shishir Inocalla - Arnis Maharlika 

  • GM Bobby Taboada - Balintawak Arnis 

  • GM Joe Martin - Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style 

  • GM George Phipps - Chun Li Kung Fu

Grandmaster Stover was recognized by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council, an elite board of Grandmasters as the Soke of Shaolin Ryu Shina Nippon Jujutsu. Performing his art in front of a board of Grandmasters and to be able to show the fundamentals of the art which was influenced by all of his instructors was an honor for Soke Stover. 

Soke Stover established Stover's Martial Arts Academy in Wilmington NC. Soke Stover is proud to have shared his art for the last 42 years in the Wilmington area as well as seminars for other schools around the world.

Soke Stover began his martial art studies in the mid 60s and has remained a strong influence in the martial art community ever since. Grandmaster Martin was introduced to Soke Stover through a letter of introduction from a previous instructor, Sifu George Phipps, in 1974. There was immediate chemistry between the two. Grandmaster Martin became a student of Soke Stover and they have remained great friends ever since.

Stover and Martin have traveled together to China on 2 occasions, studying martial arts, procuring weapons for others in the US and enjoying the culture by traveling through many cities from Beijing to Shanghai.

In 2002, Stover and Martin were invited inside the humble home of Madam Chow and her husband, Sifu Chow. The Wu Dang sword form practiced by Stover and Martin came from Madam Chow of Beijing.

Soke Albert Church

Shihan John Stover was personally trained by Soke Church at the Honbu Dojo in Charleston, SC. He studied and was ranked in the arts of Tetsuken Ryu, Kamishin Ryu, Sei-Shin Ryu Ju-Jitsu, So Rim Churl Kwon Do Hapkido and was exposed to many other concepts through the years he trained with Soke Church.
Kamishin Ryu originated in northern China nearly 800years ago. It was first known as (English translation) YOUNG FOREST TEMPLE, RESPECTABLE FIST, FIST WAY. The style was eventually brought to Korea where an American G.I. named Albert Church began to study it under the direction of C.C Wang. Mr. Wang moved to Japan and was joined by Church who studied under him for 20 years. Upon Wang's death in 1967, Church inherited the sokeship (leadership) of the system. At this time the style was called SHORINJI TETSUKEN DO. Church had the art formally recognized by the Japanese government and it was given the name KAMISHIN RYU (School of the Divine Heart). In 1969 Church returned to the U.S. and founded the system's U.S. branch in Charleston, S.C.. Dr. Church died unexpectedly in 1980.

For more about the linage of Stover and his relationship with Dr. Church, visit HERE.



The Science Behind Grounding



"Total Body Unity is Crucial"

Black Sashs at GM Stover's tournament in 1974
Front (LtoR) George Phipps, Roy Jerry Hobbs, John Stover, Joe Martin
Back (LtoR) Baker, Raynor, Nemeth, Mathews, Ivey

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