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bulletEsoma at a glance
bulletThe Origin of a modern style
bulletGrandmaster Joe Martin - Biography of a martial artist. 
bulletThe Silver Dragon Kungfu Academy
bulletEsoma Stretching
bulletPhotos from The Silver Dragon Kungfu Academy in Davidson, NC 
bulletRequirements for Testing
bulletRelax the Mind

The Great Masters

Video of Esoma Kungfu

bulletDavid Carradine and Joe Martin
bulletSijo Martin and the BEAR

Sun Tzu's  The Art of War.
to Class Location (Taichi & Kungfu)
bulletMaster Sui Comes back to the United States for the first time in 27 years.

Grandmaster of the Year  
awarded to Grandmaster Joe Martin by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council for the year 2004

Children's Class Photos

Bond With Your Child

Children's Schoolhouse Presentation

Current Fees

Esoma Philosophy It is the philosophy of any system that holds the tactics, techniques and applications together. Without a full understanding of the subtle concepts, a martial art becomes a group of pre-defined movements, void of any true continuity. Esoma has a well defined philosophy that binds the resulting tactics to create a remarkably well formed art.
- Joe Martin, Founder
Requirements for Associate Instructor

Esoma Kungfu Instructor's Guide

Five Modes of EXECUTION This discourse is concerned only with the application of the specific moves of any given form and does not include other necessary information pertaining to the development of a proficient form, such as breathing, focus, decomposition, etc. 

Map to Class Location (Taichi & Kungfu)

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