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Relax the mind

Receiving external stimuli tends to agitate the receptors in the brain in such a way that it becomes difficult to "read" the incoming information clearly.

I like to think of our mind as being like a  still pond, smooth as glass. Every bit of information we perceive creates a ripple similar to those made when an object is dropped into the water. The size of the ripple depends on the mass of the object contacting the surface of the water.

If the surface of the water is smooth with few or no ripples, the reflection in the water creates a very clear and accurate image of the world above. If the water is agitated by many objects touching it's surface, as when it's raining, the image of the world above becomes difficult to discern.

A relaxed mind, free from unnecessary thought, functions much like the calm pond. It's able to perceive the outside world clearly. Every movement of your opponent is then as recognizable as a drop of water striking the smooth surface of a calm pond. When the mind is so full of thought, like a pond when it's raining, it becomes difficult to "read" the incoming information clearly.

Notice the clarity of the image and then run your mouse over the image and notice the change in clarity.

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