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Bonding With Your Child
Have you ever wished you could participate with your children in their growth through activities such as sports and physical fitness - year-round? Think of the advantages of learning dutiful respect, proper discipline and appropriate self-confidence where size is not a limiting factor in performance or achievement. Nothing enhances the character of our children better than teaching by example, and there is no better example than those displayed by us, the parent. kids1.jpg (4541 bytes)







Students of Kungfu become disciplined in the proper execution of martial art techniques through repetition, practice, focus and concentration. Not only does one become disciplined in martial art techniques, but also in the principles of self-defense, meditation, structure, breathing and internal awareness cultivation. These disciplines become priceless assets throughout a child's life and eventually they can take them into their professional, academic and social activities. These skills then become a part of the self - a way of being.

sword1.jpg (6922 bytes) That's why at the Silver Dragon Kungfu Academy, we prefer to have parents learn along side their children in a class setting that is designed especially for the child.
Kungfu has been praised for centuries for it's ability to develop people of all ages to gain a better understanding of their potential as their true abilities surface through the time-tested methods of self-awareness and self-defense. Self-awareness is the goal we strive to cultivate at the Silver Dragon Kungfu Academy; self-defense is a natural byproduct of our training method. image10.jpg (5404 bytes)
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