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The Center for Holistic Instruction, LLC (CHI) is dedicated to providing exceptional life sustaining information to people of all ages who are passionate about their health and the contribution that a healthy lifestyle brings to our world.

CHI promotes holistic health as an approach to life by encouraging you to:


Balance and integrate your body, mind, spirit, family and society


Create healthy, respectful, cooperative relationships with others and the environment


Establish lifestyle choices that promote wellness-oriented results


Actively participate in your growth process and health decisions through education at the Center for Holistic Instruction, LLC

It is our philosophy that humans can not live in isolation and therefore the personal growth of the mind, body and spirit is not enough to promote a healthy world. Each of us co-exists within a family and society. Wisdom has been defined as the proper application of accumulative knowledge. What we do with the knowledge we have and how we relate to the ones we come in contact with will not only shape our own destiny, but that of our world as well. It is also our belief that as each person heals, so does the planet and universe.

The concept of Holistic Health is that the whole is made up of parts that depend on each other for their healthy existence. We, as humans, think of ourselves as comprising many parts and systems, but our parts do not function independently. They are constantly interacting. Not only are the parts of the body interacting and impacting who we are as individuals, but we, in the same way, are a part of the world around us and are constantly responding to our surrounding environment.

Holistic is a philosophy that is applied to something rather than a discipline within itself. At CHI, our goal is to apply this approach to all your studies. CHI offers specialized classes and workshops designed to help people of all ages learn the fundamental principles and health practices that can drastically improve the overall health and longevity of each participant. Understanding how the body, mind, spirit connection works is the first step to creating lasting, positive changes that allow each person to heal from the inside… naturally! We reveal to you an awareness about the body that everyone should know, but the doctors aren't providing.

Classes and workshops available from CHI