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Meditation for People Who Can't Sit Still


Have you always felt that meditation is something where you sit still and try to "blank" the mind?


Are you tired of feeling stressed?


Are you suffering from insomnia?


Do you feel that to relax is to sit and do nothing?


Are you ready to make a small change that will bring lasting benefits to your health and happiness?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions...

Join us in a mindful meditation that will leave you more relaxed that you can believe possible. These guided imagery activities are guaranteed to be easy, effective and fun. 

In the first meditation, the body is viewed as a huge manufacturing plant with thousands of workers. The plant operates only 16 hours per day. During our meditation, we will close down all non essential operations of the plant (body) and focus inward on the calm silence that remains. 

The second meditation involves a special guided imagery designed to relax the pelvis area, helping to unlock the stagnate energy and stress that accumulates in this often neglected area of our body.

Come wearing soft, comfortable clothes that are non restrictive. These meditations are best done lying down, so bring a mat, towel or pillow and something to cover your body.

Science has confirmed that meditation helps lengthen the life of cells.


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