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INTRODUCTORY LEVEL I, Awaken Your Healing Light


  1. Opening The Microcosmic Orbit:
    The first level of the Healing Tao system involves opening the Microcosmic Orbit within yourself. An open Microcosmic Orbit enables you to expand outward to connect with the Universal, Cosmic Particle and Earth Forces. Their combined forces are considered by Taoists as the Light of Warm Current Meditation.
  2. The Inner Smile:
    The Inner Smile is a powerful relaxation technique that utilizes the expanding energy of happiness as a language with which to communicate with the internal organs of the body. By learning to smile inwardly to the organs and glands, the whole body will feel loved and appreciated. Stress and tension will be counteracted, and the flow of Chi increased.
  3. The Six Healing Sounds:
    A basic relaxation and self-healing technique, the Six Healing Sounds meditation utilizes simple arm movements and special sounds to produce a cooling effect on the internal organs. These special sounds vibrate specific organs, while the arm movements, combined with posture guide heat and pressure out of the body. The results are improved digestion, reduced internal stress, reduced insomnia and headaches and greater vitality as the Chi flow increases through the different organs.
  4. Taoist Rejuvenation - Chi Self-Massage:
    Chi Self-Massage is a method of hands-on self-healing work using one's internal energy or Chi to strengthen and rejuvenate the sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue), teeth, skin and inner organs. Using internal power (Chi), and gentle external stimulation this simple yet highly effective self massage technique enables one to dissolve some of the energy blocks and stress points responsible for disease and the aging process. Taoist rejuvenation dates back 5000 years to the Yellow Emperor's classic text on internal medicine.

Instructor Joe N Martin is an Instructor with the Healing Tao of the Americas and has more than 50 years experience.

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