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Meditation in Motion

Primordial Chi Gong

A Moving Meditation that will inspire you to be Relaxed, Calm, and in Harmony with Day to Day Activities.

No matter how much we achieve, stress still takes its toll on the emotional quality of our personal relationships. Take action now! Start to personally learn and experience what's possible when you transform negative energy into a positive healing experience.

Do you have days similar to THIS?


Don't wait another stressful day.

Primordial Qigong


bulletCalms Your Mind
bulletImprove Your Posture
bulletSleep Deeply Wake Refreshed
bulletOnly take 15 minutes to practice
bulletIdeal for very busy stressed people
bulletBe more productive during the day
bulletDelivers quick energy & health benefits
bulletActivates a powerful spiritual presence
bulletLeaves you feeling energized and refresh



8:30 - 12:00 noon


1505 S. Main Street
Kannapolis, NC

Contact: 704 907-5735

Learn it once, have it for a lifetime!

All this presented in one 3 1/2 hour group session

Primordial Qigong is also known as Tai Chi for Longevity.

A simple to learn 15 minute routine of Living Energy that gathers life-giving energy from the 5 directions - North, South, East and West and the Center. It allows this very balanced energy from the environment to be integrated into the physical and energy bodies of anyone practicing it.

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1505 S. Main St.
Kannapolis, NC 28081
(704) 907-5735
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