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Tai Chi for the Living Room

bulletTai chi for the living room is designed to provide the student with all the health-giving benefits people expect to receive when studying other forms of tai chi (24, 36, 42, 88, 108), but in 1/10 the time or less.
bulletTai chi for the Living Room requires only one meter of space!

         If you've ever quite studying tai chi because you couldn't wait years to reap the benefits of your labor, then Tai chi for the Living Room is for you.


Tai Chi for the Living Room offers:

bulletAn inward look at form and function
bulletFlowing motions that sooth the body, mind and spirit
bulletBreathing methods that calm the nervous system, naturally
bulletA fun way for your inner self to be expressive
bulletIncreased mental awareness
bulletGreater flexibility in mind and body
bulletA Proven activity that will improve your balance

 "Aggressive, competitive people tend to approach exercise as they approach their work and life in general; they may have good-looking bodies, but they are sadly undeveloped emotionally and spiritually."
Dr. Andrew Weil, MD

Private and small groups

The basic Tai chi for the Living Room form with the fundamental principles can be learned by virtually anyone in 20 hours of class time. Afterwards, you will feel and experience "real" taichi. Tai chi for the Living Room stimulates the internal organs gently, exercise the body, calm the nervous system and mobilize the joints. With consistent correct practice, Tai chi for the Living Room leaves you warm, relaxed and gently stimulated. In time, the mind has a stillness and clarity rarely experienced with other forms of exercise. Calmness eventually overtakes the whole body, leaving you less stressed and more refreshed at the end of the day. Tai chi for the Living Room helps to develop harmony with the world on a physical, mental, emotional and ultimately, spiritual level.

Tai chi for the Living Room - Level 1

bulletPosture and Alignment
bulletBreathing and Stress
bulletThe Power of Intent
bulletReleasing Resistance and Allowing Change
bulletQigong for Energy and Health
bulletYin and Yang Shifting
bulletCircle Hands
bulletThe Tai chi for the Living Room Form


There are three levels to the complete method. Level two uses the same movements of the form, but intent changes to create new forms:

Level 2

The Yin Yang Form concentrates on creating clear distinctions between yin and yang and drawing energy from heaven and earth.

The Grounding Form Specific exercises are used to help with grounding and rooting, including several pushing exercises.

The Qi Emitting Form Learning to manipulate the cultivated Qi during the form.

Level 3

This time the form uses Grasping the Birds Tail.


The Tendon Activation Form


The Dan Tien Form


The Five Element Healing Form


The Bone Marrow Form -

As you can see, this is something very deep and detailed for beginner students and will allow them to feel advanced levels of tai chi in a short time. Since there is only one movement to the form, higher levels of training can be taught sooner.


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